Allure Data Loss Sensors leverage patented geofencing and document telemetry technologies to alert users in real time when data is accessed inappropriately or maliciously. Think of it as an alarm system with GPS for your confidential data. Alerts include the necessary details to respond to breaches quickly and appropriately, and identify leakers and adversaries.

Respond Immediately & Identify Attackers
Reduce Dwell Time

Create and plant fake documents to track adversaries, detect attempts at compromising confidential data, and identify perpetrators.

Manage Third Party Risk

Initiate continuous risk assessment and monitoring, know if documents are opened outside of policy, and respond immediately to limit financial and reputational damage.

Identify leakers and adversaries

Monitor suspicious activity in archive folders (internal or externally), track high-value documents during and after IRM and DLP roll-outs and guard against hackers who have obtained valid access credentials.

Use our desktop app to beaconize individual documents, entire folders or directories – on-demand.

GPS for Confidential Data

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