Data Loss Detection & Response

Hackers and leakers are stealing data. Allure Security is like an alarm system with GPS to track data, detect early breach activity, respond with countermeasures and identify attackers.

Active breach defense

Allure Decoy Documents are 98% effective in detecting early-stage breach activity, according to DARPA research. Allure’s approach combines the power of deceptive documents and beacons, which are strategically placed to align with attacker behavior and generate actionable insights to initiate and inform real-time response.

Incident Response

The proprietary geofence and telemetry insights gathered from every opening of a beaconized document is logged, and real-time alerts are generated based on desired criteria. Take immediate steps to thwart the attack, and use the alert insights to take corrective actions to prevent future incidents.

Identify leakers & hackers

Allure Beacons are undetectable by attackers, making them very effective in active investigations, both inside and outside the organization. Allure users can pierce hacker’s preferred tactics and lines of communication to gather attacker insights, and reveal leakers and hackers.

Delivered entirely as a service, Allure requires no software to download, no agents to install and no hardware to configure. Mean time to value is measured in minutes, with virtually no daily overhead from a personnel resource constraint.

Data Loss Detection & Response

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