Stop Data Loss. Know and Control Your Document Flows.

Once documents leave the network, it’s impossible to track where they wind up. This lack of visibility and control allows data breaches to go undetected for months, sometimes longer. How can you stop data loss if you don’t even know where your documents go once they leave your hands?

Now You Can Know.
Detect Breaches Earlier

Detect and respond to APT’s, malware, and insiders before data is stolen with decoy documents that generate high efficacy alerts when opened outside of the enterprise.

Manage Third Party Risk

Ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations by protecting documents from opening outside of policy – even if the breach originates internally, from hackers, or third party partners.

Streamline Investigations

Connect the dots of security events with rich – and actionable – forensic details that speed e-forensic investigations, saving you time and money.

Get visibility and control over your documents wherever and whenever they’re accessed – whether outside the network, remotely on mobile devices, or in the cloud – all without agents to install.

See how you can know & control your doc flows.

Try it for Free

Take Allure DDR for a test drive and see where your document travels. Receive a beaconized document and the alerts with details of where you open it.