Protect your ideas with Proactive Security

Novo is an Active User Behavioral Analytics software that combines machine learning and decoy technology to protect your devices from data loss and intrusion both inside and outside the enterprise.

Security for People not Machines

While companies spend big money protecting their routers and networks, Allure focuses on protecting their biggest assets: their people. It’s not just hackers in hoodies coming for your data, it’s good employees doing bad things – often accidentally. You need security that understands human behavior. That’s why we created Novo, a solution that understands how people work.


Protect your ideas

Novo stops the loss of sensitive data like emails, documents, pictures, personal information, and intellectual property.

Stay agile

Because the only constant in life is change, Novo’s machine learning model continuously learns as you do. Novo adapts to how you work.

Get it done

Novo acts to protect devices if it notices something weird happening and offers prioritized alerts in real time so security pros can check out anything unusual.

Security that Lets You Get Stuff Done

You don’t want more alerts after an event has happened; you want to feel empowered to stop a security breach and protect your company, employees, and customers. And you want to provide a security to your employees that lets them work seamlessly and secure. That’s why we made Novo.

Novo is an Active User Behavior Analytics solution that combines machine learning and decoy technology to hone in on true security events and provide defensive actions to stop breaches.

Novo empowers security pros to protect enterprise devices by taking quick and effective action against insider threats, whether they’re dealing with targeted attacks, employee error, or masqueraders.

Here’s How it Works:

Here’s Why it Works:

Security Analytics solutions address the problem the same old way: by examining the tide of network level activity.

To see what’s truly happening inside your company, you have to zoom in from the network view to the people inside your network, and more importantly to the data flowing through their devices.

Security Analytics solutions address the problem the same old way: by examining the tide of network level activity then applying rules and algorithms to the millions of daily records to deduce if something bad has happened. The answer isn’t more data.

To see what’s truly happening inside your company, you have to zoom in from the network view to the people inside your network and more importantly the data flowing through their devices. Novo learns the actual behavioral patterns of individual users, not statistical groups of assumed users, to identify unusual behavior.

The combination of active user behavior analytics plus decoy technology–strange behavior plus exfiltrated documents–means you’re looking at the real deal, not waiting for an alert that means more guesswork.

By bypassing the network and going straight to the host you can see true security events in real time and do something to stop them.

The platform

Platform Technology

Continuous Authentication

Novo’s sensors monitor user initiated operating system level events to create a unique model for the way each user interacts with their machine. These sensors continuously learn and evaluate users’ behavior against the model to make sure users are who they say they are.

Decoy Technology

Allure creates realistic and enticing files that also act as advanced behavioral sensors to alert the security staff of trouble in real time. Our decoy technology obfuscates critical data, which means attackers are left with bogus data rather than valuable IP.


Allure beaconizes your real files so they “phone home” when opened, tracking who is handling them and where they are being opened.  Detect leaks and verify that third party vendors are compliant.

Mitigation Engine

Novo’s Mitigation Engine gives security pros the actions to stop data loss at the source of the leak, whether that source is a device, a share point, or a file. Our technology identifies real threats in real time and acts with options like locking a device, gathering forensic information, or pausing network data transmission.

Product Benefits


We believe folks should have the right to choose what they share. Allure never collects your personal data. All user data is kept local to the device and never uploaded to any external server.


Give your employees access to the world. Novo secures the enterprise wherever you work, allowing employees to stay safe wherever they roam.

Intuitive design

Security should be designed for the people who use it. We design our technology to work seamlessly in the enterprise environment for both the CISO and the employee. It’s security that employees won’t work around.

Scientifically tested

We spent the past 6 years in the lab testing the technology behind our products. Our formal scientific studies have proved our technology can be used to continuously and accurately de-authenticate and lock out masqueraders with 95% accuracy and no more than one false positive per week. That means no time lost chasing false positives and employees can work with minimal impact to productivity.


Novo helps you understand the whole story of an incident or attack. Alerts trigger a smart action that captures forensic data, including an image of the user, geolocation, ambient audio, and recent user activity.

Empower yourself with smart actions.

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