Our Story

We Are Creators

We believe in a world where everyone is free to create — whether pioneering biomedical research, making a movie, or building an app. Security shouldn't get in the way of innovation, but should evolve to fit our needs. We make security for people, not machines.

We Are Scientists

We are solving today’s critical problems. And we want our work to reach outside the lab into the world. Our story begins in a Columbia research lab, where we’ve been developing solutions to address pressing problems — and anticipate future problems — since 1996. With support from DARPA, DHS, and NSF, Allure has been awarded $10 million to research, develop, and test the technology behind our products. Our team holds over 47 patents and has published over 300 papers.

We Are Collaborators

Whether a research lab or a jazz quartet, unexpected connections spark genius. We’re lucky to kick around big ideas with luminaries from business, law, technology, and academia. Our advisors guide us to think bigger picture and all the pixels.

Made in New York City

We’re inspired by the energy, engineering, innovation, and most of all, the people of NYC, where our technology was created.

Our Team

Dr. Salvatore Stolfo

Dr. Salvatore Stolfo is a people-person. And that makes him unique in a field where folks focus on making machines. As professor of Artificial Intelligence at Columbia University since 1979, Dr. Stolfo has spent a career figuring out how people think and how to make computers and systems think like people. Early in his career he realized that the best technology adapts to how humans work, not the other way around.  Dr. Stolfo has been granted over 47 patents and has published over 230 papers and books in the areas of parallel computing, AI knowledge-based systems, data mining, computer security and intrusion detection systems. His research has been supported by numerous government agencies, including DARPA, NSF, ONR, NSA, CIA, IARPA, AFOSR, ARO, NIST, and DHS.

Director of Product Management & Business Development
Erin Ehsani

Erin Ehsani is the Director of both Product Management and Business Development at Allure. A veteran of startups in publishing and technology, Erin has worked on both sides of creative and strategy to craft authentic stories for products and people. A storyteller at heart, Erin specializes in creating meaningful experiences for the audience, whether a reader or end-user. After years of teaching writing at Columbia University, Erin applies the same philosophy of teaching to her work with the scientists of Allure: make research live outside the lab, beyond journals and into the lives of people who can use good information. She believes creativity begins with the permission to fail.

Director of Engineering
Dr. Shlomo Hershkop

Dr. Shlomo Hershkop is Allure’s Senior Technical Lead, and has been working with Allure’s technologies since they were being developed in Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab.  As a professor at Columbia and U Penn, Shlomo has worked with a kaleidoscope of different technologies, including kernel development, android programming, and embedded systems.  He loves making things work and considers computer systems as a collection of pieces that, when we understand how they fit together, can help build better solutions. Shlomo believes that,  “Computers today are as useful as cement shoes. We need to make them ubiquitous and usable like a can of soda.”

Research Scientist
Dr. Nathaniel Boggs

Dr. Nathaniel Boggs is a Research Scientist at Allure, specializing in security metrics, intrusion detection systems, network security, and anomaly detection.  As a researcher at Columbia’s Intrusion Detection Labs, Nathaniel recently finished his PhD in the science of security, with a focus on privacy preserving network based anomaly detection collaboration between distinct Autonomous Systems.  He loves stretching himself to solve harder problems, working hands on, and thinking about the ways that technology is shaping the world.

Software Engineer
Nelson Burton

Nelson Burton is a software engineer at Allure. With a background as a business intelligence consultant and stints at the Royal Bank of Canada, NASA, and Goldman Sachs, Nelson is known for being a quick learner, a talented explicater, and skilled in bridge-building between business and engineering. With a passion for cutting-edge machine learning technology, Nelson is also interested in cryptography, micropayments and using technology to alleviate human suffering.

Senior Software Engineer
Yuan Kang

Yuan Kang is a Senior Software Engineer at Allure specializing in mobile security and decoy technology.  A current PhD student at Columbia, Yuan develops cryptographic device drivers at Freescale and static analysis tools at Intel.  All this ties into his background of theoretical and applied computer science, where he learned to combine precision with practical considerations.  As a security and privacy expert, he enjoys the challenge of trying to defend computing systems against the most technically capable attackers and helping to see computers as something created by humans “rather than scary, mysterious boxes that sometimes crash or steal our private information.”

Co-founder & Advisor
Dr. Angelos Keromytis

Dr. Angelos Keromytis is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Network Security Lab and both an advisor to Allure and one of its founders.  He has conducted significant work in the space of self-healing software, system diversification, and software hardening. Keromytis has conducted government-sponsored research for DARPA, IARPA (and DTO), HS-ARPA, NSF, AFOSR, ONR, NRO, ARL, and NY State. In addition to his over 250 published papers, he is the inventor or co-inventor in 29 issued U.S. patents, with several other applications pending. He has served as Program Manager in cybersecurity programs with both the National Science Foundation and DARPA.

Product Marketing Manager
Erik Leavitt

Erik Leavitt works as a Product Marketing Manager at Allure.  A writer and a storyteller, Erik has worked as a teaching fellow at Columbia University, a journalist, and a freelance copywriter learning how to help other people tell their stories the way they want their stories to be told.  He is someone fascinated with research, the way narratives are structured, and the sort of language that “makes you feel like it’s putting a 9 volt battery on your tongue.”

Software Engineer
Gabriel Ryan

Gabriel Ryan is a software engineer at Allure. With a background taking mathematically complex algorithms and breaking them down into modular, scalable software, Gabe has worked on projects like writing software to calibrate military radar, and designing a system to build a 3D map from a laser scan. As a programmer he loves taking cutting edge research and adapting it to solve real world problems. “I love learning new technologies, solving difficult problems, and knowing that the work I do makes a difference.”

Research Scientist
Dr. Carl Sable

Dr. Carl Sable is a Research Scientist at Allure.  As an associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union, Carl teaches master level courses on artificial intelligence, databases, and natural language processing. He brings his robust NLP and programming experience to Allure’s technologies to make sure they are thorough and intuitive.  His curiosity is always forcing him to learn new things, to think about problems in new ways, and to be rigorous about making sure anything he creates works exactly as it says it does on the box.

Research Scientist
Dr. Yingbo Song

Dr. Yingbo Song is a Research Scientist at Allure, specializing in machine learning and security technologies.  As a directorate member in the Sandia National Labs Cyber Security Monitoring and in BAE Systems, his work has focused on network security, machine learning, or a combination of both.  Whether in life or work, Yingbo believes in breaking down data to understand what it really says and building models from the ground up.  He strives to recognize greatness in all forms, which he finds by reading philosophy and military history, learning photography, or imagining the enormity of human intelligence by trying to emulate it.

Research Scientist
Dr. Jon Voris

Dr. Jon Voris is a Research Scientist at Allure, specializing in decoy technology, privacy, and the usability of embedded and mobile systems.  A skilled researcher, Jon is always getting his hands dirty with new technology and taking what he learns to discover new ways to use it to improve daily life. As an assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology, he helps to emphasize cybersecurity in research as an educational objective.  He loves working to extend the boundaries of science and technology by investigating interesting problems and sharing what he learns with those around him.


David Murphy
David Murphy

David Murphy is Chairman of the Board of Allure Security Technology. Prior to his advisory and board role at Allure, David was the President and COO of Blue Coat Systems responsible for all facets of field, product, business and day-to-day operations. Mr. Murphy has more than 30 years of demonstrated successes in driving market expansion, revenue growth and operational excellence at companies such as IBM Tivoli, HP and Mercury Interactive. Prior to Blue Coat, Mr. Murphy was senior vice president for HP’s LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions business unit within the company’s Imaging and Printing Group, Chief Financial Officer of Mercury Interactive, and President and General Manager of Tivoli Systems, an IBM Division.

Jonathan M. Smith
Jonathan M. Smith

Dr. Jonathan M. Smith is the Olga and Alberico Pompa Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, and a Professor of Computer and Information Science, at the University of Pennsylvania, and one of Allure’s advisors.  Earlier in his career, he was a member of technical staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories and Bell Communications Research. He has also held leadership roles in several technology start-ups, including iPrivacy and System Detection. Professor Smith is an IEEE Fellow and served on the National Research Council Board on Army Science and Technology from 2009 to 2014. His current research interests range from programmable network infrastructures and cognitive radios to disinformation theory and architectures for computer-augmented immune response.

Stewart Baker
Stewart Baker

Stewart Baker served as the first Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Homeland Security where he set cybersecurity policy, including inward investment reviews focused on network security. He is the author of “Skating on Stilts – Why We Aren’t Stopping Tomorrow’s Terrorism,” a book on the security challenges posed by technology and a blog of the same name. He also served as General Counsel of the National Security Agency. Mr. Baker has handled the arbitration of claims exceeding a billion dollars, is a member of national and international rosters of arbitrators, and is the author of articles and a book on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law arbitration rules.

Herbert Thompson
Herbert Thompson

Dr. Herbert (Hugh) Thompson is Program Chair for RSA Conference and a world-renowned expert on IT security. Thompson has co-authored several books on the topic and has written more than 80 academic and industrial publications on security. In 2006, he was named one of the “Top 5 Most Influential Thinkers in IT Security” by SC Magazine and has been interviewed by top news organizations, including the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Financial Times, Washington Post and others. He has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York and is Senior VP and Chief Security Strategist at Blue Coat Systems, Inc. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Florida Institute of Technology.