What we Do

Allure Security reduces data loss by analyzing risks associated with document access and sharing activities, inside and outside of an organization’s control.  We continuously watch document activities in the cloud and use patented document beacons to track document flows after they’ve been downloaded, copied or shared externally. We enrich all file activities with proprietary geofence insights and leverage unique model-based analytics to surface and mitigate risks that otherwise go undetected.  Users can generate scheduled or on-demand risk reports, integrate with a SIEM to correlate findings, create custom email alerts based on specific criteria, and deploy decoy documents to foil and reveal hackers and leakers.


What you Gain


Third-Party Monitoring

Know when third parties mishandle or share files outside of policy

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Document Flow Analytics

Uncover file access and sharing patterns both inside and outside of an organization

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Breach & Leak Detection

Be alerted early in the attack cycle if sensitive files are compromised or exfiltrated

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Risk Reports

Schedule monthly reports or generate them on-demand

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Data Loss Forensics 

Track data loss back to the source and hold culprits accountable

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Geo Location Enrichment

Enrich file logs with proprietary geo location insights

Industry Insights

ESG Study: Trends In Cloud Security

This study examines the impact of cloud, mobility, and regulations on data security priorities, determines the degree of separation between unified approaches for cloud and on-premises data assets, and provides insights into top data security challenges and the rate of data loss from the cloud. 

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ESG cloud

Securing cloud data, Beyond PII

We interviewed the director of computer and network security at Columbia University to discuss his approach to cloud data security. He says “even with all the tools and policies we have in place, it’s hard not to worry about the things I don’t know, and even worse, the things I don’t know I don’t know.”

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