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Allure Security helps organizations protect brand reputation and consumer trust. Our patented technology detects threats in the early stages of web-based phishing attacks, collects proprietary intelligence on adversaries and customer impact to better inform responses, and provides active defense measures to poison acquired assets.

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Why PSD2 Could Proliferate Website Spoofing in banking and Financial Services

PSD2 enables bank customers, both consumers and businesses, to use third-party providers to manage their finances. In the near future, individuals and businesses could be using Facebook or Google to pay bills, make transfers and analyze spending, all from their current bank account. But there are some serious security risks to consider. 

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Rethinking Website Spoofing Mitigation

Website spoofing is a common problem that has doubled in the last year, resulting in $1.3 billion in losses, according to the 2019 Thales Access Management Index. In a high-profile example of website spoofing that has left the business world more than a little rattled, hackers successfully diverted about 500,000 customers visiting the British Airways website last summer to a realistic-looking but fraudulent site, without the airline having any idea it had been spoofed.

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