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Allure Security is a digital risk detection and response company that addresses digital risks associated with website spoofing, cloud-share storage and file sharing, insider threats and intrusions. Allure’s patented technology detects threats in the early stages of an attack, collects proprietary intelligence on adversaries and customer impact to better inform responses, and provides active defense measures to poison acquired assets and deter future attacks.

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Digital Risk Use Cases

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Website Spoofing 

Protect brand reputation and consumer trust. Detect spoofed websites upon the first visit, collect proprietary adversary and customer impact intelligence, and deter future attacks.


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Cloud-share Risk

Get critical visibility into cloud-share risks. Watch cloud document and user activity, enrich logs with geolocation, extend visibility beyond the cloud share, and detect leaks and breaches. 


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Intrusions & Insiders 

Detect breaches and leaks early. Know if intellectual property is compromised or exfiltrated, gather proprietary intelligence on adversaries and insiders, and limit data loss.


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Industry Insights

ESG Study: Trends In Cloud Security

This study examines the impact of cloud, mobility, and regulations on data security priorities, determines the degree of separation between unified approaches for cloud and on-premises data assets, and provides insights into top data security challenges and the rate of data loss from the cloud. 

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Case Study: GRA Quantum Achieves Global OneDrive Risk Visibility 

Learn how GRA Quantum is using Allure Security to get more visibility into OneDrive use, and using our proprietary insights to better inform responses and limit cloud risks.

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Early Detection & Informed Response
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