Free Allure Beaconizer: Track Docs, Detect Breaches, Identify Attackers

Using the Allure Beaconizer, users can upload documents to be beaconized for free with Allure’s patented, award-winning technology. Once beaconized, the documents will send alerts with proprietary telemetry for 90 days, whenever they are opened, no matter where they travel. Signal is guaranteed, providing a free, high-efficacy option for detecting and tracking data loss, and holding hackers and leakers accountable.

Users can leverage Allure Beacons to:

  • Gain greater visibility into how and where documents are opened: Using Allure’s technology, users can see in real time where documents are being shared, even when they leave the safety of the enterprise cloud file share or corporate firewall.

  • Get proprietary intelligence: Allure Alerts contain proprietary telemetry intelligence. When a beaconized document is opened, this information is logged and an alert is sent to initiate and inform response.

  • Stop and limit data loss: Beaconized documents can be placed directly in operational environments, and Allure Beacons are undetectable. This means that users are alerted to a breach or leak while in progress, without the attacker’s knowledge. This provides a unique advantage, and the opportunity to immediately respond to stop and limit data loss.

  • Catch hackers and leakers in the act: Allure Beacons are proven to pierce common tools attackers rely on for anonymity, such as TorChat and Hushmail, allowing leakers and hackers to be revealed. Once revealed, attackers are stopped in their tracks, and breach and leak efforts are abandoned. Findings can then be used to justify firings and handed to law enforcement in the event legal action must be taken.

Allure Beacons are a proven technique for detecting early breach activity, as outlined in a DARPA research study, and Allure’s unique telemetry has been used by large enterprises to effectively reveal attackers and provide law enforcement with evidence.

After using the Allure Beaconizer, users have the opportunity to upgrade to the complete Allure platform which includes the following features:

  • Microsoft Office beacons

  • 20+ decoy templates

  • Desktop app for easy deployment

  • On-demand and scheduled reports

  • Multiple user accounts with permissioning

  • Web dashboard

  • Event history with sort and search

  • SIEM integration

  • REST API access for custom integrations

  • Bulk beaconing (files and folders)

  • Auto-beaconizing via watch folders

  • Geofence rules

  • Custom alert controls

Beaconize Documents Now FREE 

Posted by Mikala Vidal on Dec 17, 2018 12:11:17 PM
Mikala Vidal

Mikala Vidal

Mikala Vidal is the VP of marketing for Allure Security, responsible for driving the company’s go-to-market strategy, channel partner marketing, sales enablement, lead generation and communications.
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