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The inevitable move by enterprises to cloud storage
comes with a trade-off: reduced control and visibility in
exchange for broader access, useability and productivity.
This guide will help you reduce cloud data loss
using unique document activity indicators to detect
common, persistent risks associated with the stealing or
mishandling of sensitive and confidential files.

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The most critical step in addressing data loss risk is to detect the risk itself. Protection and prevention methods are effective, to a point. But data leaks, ransomware attacks and breaches still occur daily. How do you know if cloud files are at risk, how, where and by whom? This guide explains how to use unique document indicators to gain critical visibility and insights into data loss risks associated with intrusions, leaks and human error.

Know the document risk indicators that can detect and inform responses related to:

  • Stolen credentials and brute force logins
  • Insider threats
  • Third-party breaches
  • Link sharing
  • Permission setting mistakes
Early Detection & Informed Response
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