Mark Jaffe


Chairman & CEO

As the chairman and CEO of Allure Security, Mark is responsible for running all facets of the business. Mark is an accomplished high tech executive with a strong management track record of building products, delighting customers and driving sales growth. Prior to joining Allure Security, Mark co-founded Prelert and served as its CEO thru its two funding rounds, its growth to become the market leading anomaly detection solution for Splunk and Elastic, and its eventual acquisition in 2016. He formerly served as the worldwide vice president of firewall and behavioral analysis sales at McAfee, where he was instrumental in integrating products into the McAfee solution portfolio, ramping sales and growing the sales organization of a $100M+ business. Prior to McAfee, Mark built and led sales organizations at software startups Securify, Axentis, OnLink and JYACC, consistently growing revenues 30-100% year on year. At OnLink Technologies, Mark grew revenues from 0 to $20M in under 2 years, leading to the acquisition of OnLink by Siebel Systems for $609M.