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Allure Security Wins Best Fraud Prevention Solution In Security Current’s Inaguaral CISO Choice Awards

24 - November 2020


Allure Security, provider of technology that prevents account takeover by detecting and disrupting phishing attacks, has won the 2020 CISO Choice Award for Fraud Prevention from Security Current. A first of its kind vendor recognition, the CISO Choice Award for Fraud Prevention reflects Allure’s appeal to leading CISOs across several industries, based on their real-world experiences.

Allure Security was selected as the winner of the Fraud Prevention category for its innovative, AI-driven approach to finding and neutralizing phishing attacks before they victimize an online business’s customers.

“Account Takeover (ATO) and Identity Fraud have grown into massive problems for organizations, despite significant investments in various anti-fraud solution categories. Cybercriminals have especially found solace in phishing, primarily because there has been almost nothing security teams could do to prevent their customers from being victimized” said Josh Shaul, Allure’s CEO. “We built Allure to give CISOs a huge advantage. Our approach stops ATO before it starts. We detect and disrupt phishing and other attacks that impersonate our clients online brands so rapidly, we can stop attackers from getting any usable data.” 

Leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and advanced heuristics, Allure’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based AI is able to detect cybercriminals setting up malicious websites (as part of orchestrated phishing attacks) that impersonate our clients digital brands. Early detection empowers organizations to be proactive in disrupting phishing schemes – before they have a chance to succeed; protecting customers’ accounts and keeping the company’s brand reputation intact.

“Protecting and preserving the hard earned trust relationship between companies and their customers is at the center of Allure Security’s mission,” said Dr. Salvatore Stolfo, founder and CTO of Allure Security. “Being recognized by a panel of CISOs from some of the world’s leading brands validates the dedication that the Allure Security family has put into finding a solution to a long-standing problem and the unique and effective innovation that we have achieved in a highly competitive marketplace. We are honored to have been recognized by Security Current in this unique and meaningful way.” 

Honoring security vendors of all types, sizes and maturity levels, the CISO Choice Awards recognizes differentiated solutions valuable to the CISO and enterprise from security solution providers worldwide. The CISO Choice Awards are part of Security Current and the exclusive CISOs Connect membership knowledge-sharing community, providing CISO and cybersecurity leaders across industries invaluable information on vendors in today’s constantly evolving security environment. “Congratulations to Allure Security for its win in the highly competitive Fraud Prevention category,” said Aimee Rhodes, Security Current’s CEO. “The CISO Judges used their real-world experience when reviewing submissions and approached the selections from the perspective of which vendor they would use in their organization or recommend. They selected Allure for its valuable and differentiated technology and AI-driven approach to stopping phishing attacks which hat they recognized as an important solution available to security executives across industries.”

You can watch the CISO Board of Judges Winner’s Video here. In addition, Allure Security is offering a free trial through the end of 2020; sign up here.

About Allure Security Allure Security’s mission is to improve early detection of web spoofing as part of an orchestrated phishing attack, protecting customers from fraud and preserving the enterprise’s brand reputation. Using its patented, award-winning beacon and deception technologies, Allure Security’s SaaS platform empowers enterprise security teams to detect and fight back against web spoofing in real-time. Organizations can proactively protect customer data and preserve brand reputation using a modern, easy-to-deploy solution. Allure Security is a Glasswing Ventures portfolio company.

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