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Category Visionaries Podcast: $6 Million Raised to Win the Battle Against Online Scammers

9 - January 2023

Allure Security CEO Josh Shaul was recently featured on the Category Visionaries podcast – episode description below:

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Josh Shaul, CEO of Allure Security, about his lifelong obsession with cybersecurity, taking technology apart, and fighting the oldest scam on the internet, identity fraud. With a proactive approach to brand protection, Allure Security scours the internet for identity fraudsters impersonating established brands, working with browsers and other industry partners to shut them down or overloading them with unusable data, rendering their business model essentially unviable. From building relationships with major social media players to protecting individual accounts from scammers, more sophisticated brand protection is a cornerstone of contemporary business, and while total immunity is all but impossible, Allure Security can promise a dramatic reduction in its impact.


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