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Five Ways to Protect Your Bank from ‘Brand Impersonation’ Scammers

28 - September 2022

This article was originally published to Credit Union Business News on September 28, 2022

Despite the best efforts of many credit unions to educate their members about online and mobile fraud, attackers continue to victimize credit unions and their members via cyber scams. Cybercriminals believe that the customer constitutes the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, which is why they tend to focus most of their efforts on tricking customers into revealing important information.

Recently, the National Credit Union Association issued a warning about the heightened risk of highly specific scams targeting federally insured credit unions. These scams involve impersonating an institution’s website, social media accounts, and mobile apps where victims are lured in to steal their credentials, identity, and money. Attacks like this are categorized as “business impersonation” fraud, and it’s a growing problem for credit unions everywhere.

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