At Allure Security, We Provide organizations with Detection and response for Digital Risks. 

We’re committed to like-minded partners that want to join us. 

Our partners range from small consulting organizations with strong information security backgrounds, to traditional value-added resellers (VARs), managed security service providers (MSSP’s) and technology partners that offer solutions that complement Allure Security’s technology.

Becoming an Allure Security Partner

Allure Security offers a wide variety of partnership options that align closely with our partners’ expertise and go-to-market strategies. Options include:

  • Reseller agreement
  • Managed security services provider (MSSP) agreement
  • Joint marketing/joint selling partnership
  • Referral agreement
  • OEM partnership

Allure Security invests in and focuses on its partner community to help identify new prospects and customers. Our reseller agreement is uniquely structured to reward the partner for its efforts and closed sales by offering aggressive discounts and other benefits. One of these is the speed and ease of deploying new customers. The typical onboarding of an Allure customer can take less than 30 minutes and requires minimal ongoing partner maintenance.

Become a Partner

Partner Benefits

Registered opportunity program

The process to register an opportunity is easy and simple. By registering an opportunity, the partner is guaranteed select pricing, as well as exclusive sales and technical support from key Allure Security personnel. Once an opportunity registration form is completed and submitted, Allure Security will ensure that there is no conflict with other channel partners or the direct sales team, approve the registration, and notify the partner within 24 hours.

Co-marketing support

Allure Security is made up of information security professionals with well-known reputations in the cyber community. We offer these experts, as well as an ongoing co-marketing investment, to extend our reach and support the partner community with co-sponsored events, speaking engagements, webinars, etc. These co-branded and co-marketed activities offer validation, education, and differentiation of the Allure Security solution and have proven to be an effective strategy for lead generation.

Sales enablement

This sales enablement program is proven to help partners deliver a consistent message, accelerate the training period, and achieve sales success quickly. As part of our investment in our growing partner community, we provide sales collateral, sales process guidance, and lessons learned from the field. We also accompany or assist partners on sales calls during the initial months of the relationship, to provide essential support, qualification assistance, and ensure that the knowledge transfer of the Allure Security story and product demonstration happens seamlessly.


The Proof of Concept (POC) is an essential part of the Allure Security sales. POCs take less than one hour to fully implement. When properly identified, a POC helps accelerate the sale cycle and increase probability of success by demonstrating the value of our technology. There are never charges for POCs, and delivering proof of value to customers always occurs during the first day. Allure Security has an easy-to-follow process document for POCs, and also offers sales engineering staff to work side by side with partners to provide product knowledge and technical expertise.


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