Product Features

  • Cloud file activity risk scoring
  • File events enriched with geo, domain
  • Web dashboard 
  • Reporting & alerting
  • OneDrive & SharePoint integration
  • 90 days cloud file event storage
  • Cloud file auto-beaconization
  • Decoy documents (20+ templates)
  • Multiple user accounts with permissioning
  • SIEM integration
  • REST API access

Product Benefits

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Third-Party Monitoring

Know when third parties mishandle or share files outside of policy

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Document Flow Analytics

Uncover file access and sharing patterns both inside and outside of an organization

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Breach & Leak Detection

Be alerted early in the attack cycle if sensitive files are compromised or exfiltrated

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Risk Reports

Schedule monthly reports or generate them on-demand

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Data Loss Forensics 

Track data loss back to the source and hold culprits accountable

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Geo Location Enrichment

Enrich file logs with proprietary geo location insights

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