Allure Security's DARPA-backed technology was born in the Intrusion Detection Lab at Columbia University to address the rise in intrusions and insider threats resulting from stolen credentials and unauthorized access of intellectual property. Our patented technology combines the power of beacons, threat intelligence, deception and active defense to detect and respond to digital risks, better understand the scope of attacks and hold bad actors accountable. 

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Allure Security for Website Spoofing


Website Spoofing

Allure detects a spoofed website as soon as it viewed by the first visitor during a website phishing attack, which initiates the take down process immediately upon fraud being committed. Intelligence is then collected to quantify customer and brand impact, inform responses (i.e. notify impacted clients to reset passwords) and uncloak attackers. The spoofed website can also be flooded with decoy credentials until the site is taken down to devalue the information collected by the adversary, and Allure Decoy Documents are used to detect intrusions resulting from attacks.

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Cloud-Share Risk

Allure continuously watch document activities in the cloud and use patented document beacons to track documents after they’ve been downloaded, copied or shared externally. We enrich all file activities with proprietary geofence insights and leverage unique model-based analytics to surface and mitigate risks that otherwise go undetected and unaddressed. Users can generate scheduled or on-demand risk reports, integrate with a SIEM to correlate findings, create custom email alerts based on specific criteria, and deploy decoy documents to foil and reveal hackers and leakers.


Cloud risk

Allure Security for Cloud-Share Risk


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Allure Security for Intrusions & Insiders


Intrusions & Insiders

Allure uses attacker behaviors and confidence to the advantage of investigators to narrow and eliminate suspects by planting or sharing alluring documents with beacons to see
who takes the bait. Once documents are opened, investigators will receive proprietary geofence and telemetry insights. Attackers and leakers can be revealed by correlating Allure's insights with other available data, and attackers can be held accountable by sharing identifiable findings with company decision makers and/or law enforcement.


Digital Risk Dashboard

See all digital risk events in a Allure's single-pane view, and take actions directly from the dashboard. See all risks, scored based on digital indicators, set up email alerts based on custom criteria, drill down into event details, and deploy beacons and decoys to address specific risks. 

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Early Detection & Informed Response

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