About us

Allure Security was founded to protect consumer information from cybercriminals. Our patented approach protects an organizations brand and provides security for their customers

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Dr. Shlomo Hershkop

VP of Engineering

Dr. Shlomo Hershkop is Allure’s senior technical lead, and has been working with Allure’s technologies since they were being developed in Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab.  As a professor at Columbia and University of Pennsylvania, Shlomo has worked with a kaleidoscope of different technologies, including kernel development, android programming, and embedded systems.  He loves making things work and considers computer systems as a collection of pieces that, when we understand how they fit together, can help build better solutions. Shlomo believes, “computers today are as useful as cement shoes. We need to make them ubiquitous and usable like a can of soda.”


Phone Number - (877) 669-8883