Allure Security for Website Spoofing

Allure Security provides early detection, customer impact insights, adversary intelligence and active defense for website spoofing.

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A New Approach To Address Website Spoofing

Whether the motivation is to spread fake news in pursuit of influence, steal customer login credentials or credit card numbers, or break into cloud shares and networks to steal intellectual property, website spoofing has devastating impacts on company reputation, consumer trust and revenues.

To date, options for detecting when a website have been spoofed has largely relied on monitoring domain registrations and manual web searches. However, this approach is susceptible to human error, only identifies spoofed websites after the fraud occurs, leaves the brand with no insight into how many and which of its clients were potentially impacted and does nothing to deter the next attack. 

When website spoofing occurs, Allure helps answer pressing questions like: 


1. How long has a spoofed site been active? 

2. How many spoofed sites are there?

3. How many customers have been impacted and who are they?

4. Who spoofed the site and what has he or she done with the stolen information?

5. Has the attacker also gained access to my network?

6. How can a future attack be deterred and can the stolen information be devalued to limit risk?

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How it Works

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Allure Website Beacons detect a spoofed website as soon as it is viewed by the first visitor, which initiates the take down process immediately upon fraud being committed.

Intelligence is collected to quantify customer and brand impact, inform responses (i.e. notify impacted clients to reset passwords) and uncloak attackers.

The spoofed website can be flooded with decoy credentials until the site is taken down to devalue the information collected by the adversary.
Allure Decoy Documents are used to detect intrusions resulting from attacks, provide adversary intelligence for attackers phishing employees, and extend depth of defense against intrusions. 

unique intel to Understand scope & inform responses

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