Know and Control Your Document Flows
Detect data breaches earlier, stop data loss in real time, and reduce the cost and time of post-incident investigations. With Novo you have visibility and control over your documents wherever they are accessed, all without the need for agents.

Novo tracks and protects documents wherever they go with beacons, alerting when suspicious movement is detected or if documents appear outside the geofence. Novo operates invisibly within the cloud and network with no agent required.


By learning normal document flow behavior, Novo can identify sources of compromise in real time and empower security pros to take immediate action to stop data loss.


Novo creates realistic and enticing files that also act as advanced behavioral sensors to alert the security staff of trouble in real time. Our decoy technology obfuscates critical data, which means attackers are left with bogus data rather than valuable IP.

Here's How It Works:

Here's Why It Works:

How can you know if you’re at risk if you can’t track where your data is accessed? Visibility of where data flows is key to preventing a data breach. Novo tracks documents wherever they go – agentlessly – even outside the enterprise walls, so that now you can know.

Cutting past the white noise of endpoint, network, and user level events, Novo focuses on tracking the documents and files moving between people and devices, wherever they are. As documents flow through your existing network gateways, Novo tags real data with beacons and maps all locations where beaconized documents are accessed. Novo quickly learns what normal DocFlow behavior looks like and sends an alert the moment it detects suspicious or geofence violation activity.

Using sophisticated NLP and machine learning technology, Novo also injects decoys into data flows to catch imposters or outsiders in the system. This means it doesn’t report on inferences or deductions; it alerts when actual events are taking place, providing valuable attribution and forensics to stop data loss.

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