Data Loss Detection & Response
Detect . Respond . Identify

Data breaches and leaks are pervasive and costly. Honeypot techniques are too cumbersome for detection and lack actionable data, and data protection and prevention approaches are too reliant on users, categorizations and access controls. Allure’s approach is easy, affordable and scalable, and provides security teams with proprietary intelligence to limit risk and hold leakers and hackers accountable.

Get Proprietary Intelligence

Allure Beacons generate proprietary geofence and telemetry intelligence. When a beaconized document is opened, this information is logged and an alert is sent to security teams, initiating and informing response.

Stop & Limit Data Loss

Because Allure Beacons are embedded in documents that are in the operational environment, and are undetectable, alerts communicate when a breach is in progress without the attacker’s knowledge. This gives incident response teams a unique advantage, and the opportunity to immediately respond to stop and limit data loss.

Catch Attackers in the Act

Allure Beacons are proven to pierce common tools attackers rely on for anonymity, such as TorChat and Hushmail, allowing security teams to reveal leakers and hackers. Once revealed, attackers are stopped in their tracks and breach and leak efforts are abandoned. Findings can then be used to justify firings and handed to law enforcement in the event legal action must be taken.

Use Attacker Behavior To Your Advantage

Data Loss Detection & Response, Delivered As A Service

Allure’s approach is entirely agnostic to whatever the attack vector may be: nation state, insider threat, programmatic APT, drop in malware. It doesn’t matter – the data becomes the instrumentation to defend and protect your assets.

Delivered entirely as a service, Allure requires no software to download, no agents to install and no hardware to configure. Mean time to value is measured in minutes, with limited to no daily overhead from a personnel resource constraint.

Allure’s product is built using patented technology, making it completely unique in the market. See all patents here.

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