Detect & Respond to Data Loss in Real Time

Mission is bound to be prioritized over security while conducting daily business, resulting in accidental or intentional data loss by trusted employees or third parties. Detect data breaches in real time and identify attackers using Data Loss Sensors that alert you when documents are being accessed by leakers or adversaries, and opened outside of defined perimeters.


Allure Data Loss Sensors detect when suspicious activity is in progress and track if documents open outside of the geofence. The Sensors operate invisibly within the cloud and network, and no agents are required.


By learning normal document flow behavior, Allure Data Loss Sensors can continuously assess risk, identify sources of compromise in real time, and initiate and inform responses to stop data loss.


Allure can create realistic and enticing files with Data Loss Sensors that attackers will trigger during the reconnaissance phase of an attack, leaving them with bogus data and allowing security teams to act quickly to protect the real data. These alluring documents can also be used as part of incident response measures to identify and foil attackers.

Data Loss Sensors: Alarm System with GPS for Confidential Data

A Practical Approach to Risk Management, Stopping Data Loss

Prevention alone won’t stop data loss, just as installing locks on doors and windows won’t keep determined burglars out of your home. Homeowners rely on alarm systems as a practical line of defense. Given the even greater complexity of our digital data, it seems only obvious that we should be putting alarms in these properties as well.

Data Loss Sensors, which act as an alarm system with GPS for confidential data, are deployed directly where the data is stored to give security teams the visibility they lack. Allure distributes beaconized documents that blend into companies’ operational on-prem file systems and cloud file shares. Strategically placed with file names that are proven to be of interest to today’s attackers, these Data Loss Sensors alarm when they are searched and opened. Data Loss Sensors act as silent tripwires when malicious insiders or adversaries attempt to gain access to confidential data, and report geofence and telemetry data in real-time.

Allure’s desktop app (Mac or Windows) beaconizes individual documents, and entire folders or directories, on-demand. Users see no change to the documents and there is no interruption in user experience. Allure’s user interface helps determine the names and placement of sensors based on file structures and extensive attacker behavior research. The Data Loss Sensors are designed to be enticing to attackers, quickly capturing their attention while they search for files to steal.

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