Track & Respond to Data Loss in Real Time

Data protection is hard. Mission is bound to be prioritized over security while conducting daily business, resulting in accidental or intentional data loss. So, how do you know if documents are being accessed outside of defined perimeters? And how do you know who the perpetrators are once information has been breached?


Allure DDR tracks and protects documents wherever they go with beacons, alerting when suspicious movement is detected or if documents appear outside the geofence. Allure DDR operates invisibly within the cloud and network with no agent required.


By learning normal document flow behavior, Allure DDR can identify sources of compromise in real time and empower security pros to take immediate action to stop data loss.


Allure DDR creates realistic and enticing files that also act as advanced behavioral sensors to alert the security team of trouble in real time. Our decoy technology obfuscates critical data, which means attackers are left with bogus data rather than valuable IP.

How It Works:

Data Protection is Hard. Document Beacons are Easy.

Protecting data without impeding everyday business missions is an almost impossible task. Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions depend on end users properly classifying documents and managing file permissions. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are good at dealing with structured data, such as social security or credit card information, but poor with less structured information such as trade secrets, HR data, and financial or legal reports.

Allure Document Beacons leverage patented geofencing and document telemetry technologies to alert users in real time when data is accessed inappropriately or maliciously. This is a safeguard for when protection fails, particularly for documents that have been misclassified or trusted with a third party. Alerts include the necessary details, like location and IP address, to respond to breaches quickly and appropriately.

Allure Decoy Documents are used to drastically reduce dwell time and identify hackers doing reconnaissance. Allure plants fake representations of real documents to track hackers. They will think they’ve stolen high-value documents, when instead they’ve accessed bogus information and you are alerted to this activity. Allure DDR doesn’t report on inferences or deductions; it alerts when actual events are taking place, providing valuable attribution and forensics.

Beacons and Decoys work independently or together to complement data protection initiatives, detect data loss and identify adversaries.

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